Let’s get philoSLOTHical: What’s your ‘FRAN’ time?

Let’s get philoSLOTHical, philoSLOTHical. And yes, I used the word SLOTH – get on my level bro.

The old age question in the CrossFit community: What’s your ‘Fran’ time? The Founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman, fondly titled the nasty combo of Thrusters and Pull-ups as ‘Fran’.  His reasoning –  because “If a hurricane that wreaks havoc on a whole town can be Fran, so can a workout.” With that being said, I did ‘Fran’ Monday morning and yes I can concur it wreaked havoc on my body and I still have ‘jello’ legs.

Murph the SLOTH is STILL recovering from ‘Fran’.


Pukie the Clown.       http://www.crossfit.com


Your ‘Fran’ time can say a lot about you as a CrossFit athlete. If you have a ‘Fran’ time of 2-3 minutes, you’re the elite of the elite. The workout is such a short amount of time but yet the level of intensity can knock you to the floor and you may have a case of Pukie the Clown. This short, intense workout makes you feel uncomfortable and leaving you with that burning sensation in throat and chest – aka WOD cough. Yet this short, intense WOD DOES NOT define who you are as a person. Whatever your time may be – a sub 3 or 10 minutes – does not define or take away from the person you are. When we finish the WOD we come out feeling better about ourselves – granted it takes about an hour to recover, or all day like me – but it’s a cathartic experience and through that uncomfortable, pain we emerge like a phoenix from the fire (dramatic flair) as a stronger, fitter, better and even happier version of oneself. And let’s be honest you may sound a bit silly if you walked around all day saying “Yeah Bro, I am a 3:15 Fran.” Well that’s great Bro, you obviously are good at fitness but can I give you a hint, throw you a lifeline Bro – CrossFit doesn’t define who you are it’s just something that you do.

The beauty of CrossFit is it so multifaceted it can be applied to the experiences we have in our daily life. When these intense parts of our life have us feeling knocked down, depressed, tired of ‘adulting’ or just plain down on our luck –  are short just like ‘Fran’ . That one bad day, this one LOOONNGGG week, or that one month where you wish you could have taken off the calendar. These moments of pain, and being uncomfortable are all short when we look at our life as a whole, yet are intense. It is hard to not let these moments bring us down and allow for evil thoughts to start consuming our brain. These bad days DO NOT define who we are. You are more than one bad day or that horrible week. Through the years I have let bad days, terrible weeks, and even CrossFit WODs to define WHO I AM. Our brain is a muscle, and all muscle can get strong in whatever position they are trained in.  And I have trained my brain to work and think in such a negative manner about myself that it would tear me apart from the inside – out. It has taken me awhile to get to this point and each day is a battle of reminding myself to think positive to know that I am a strong, smart, brave, and a beautiful glorious HOT MESS that is capable of amazing things. If you remember from my LIFE IS MESSY POST (because I know ya’ll are such devout readers of my blog) that I am a GOOD HOT MESS – basically a S’MORE. And now I have decided I am adding an à la carte option – PEANUT BUTTER – spread that s#$! on THICK. (Some days peanut butter is the glue that holds my life together) And I am here to remind you that YES you also are a GOOD HOT MESSY S’MORE too with à la carte option. Boo Boo, you are far too special to treat yourself poorly or to think negatively.

Yet I believe it is important to feel every emotion in these moments because when we allow ourselves to feel this intense, uncomfortable pain – the end result is someone who is much stronger than they ever thought they would be. Because when those really awesome good days happen it’s important to allow yourself to feel every good emotion because we remember and know how crappy those bad days were. I hope you realize you are more than the sum of those bad days – that when you wake up each morning you’re able to see the beauty in your life, value the people around you, and enjoy your days in the sun.

With all that said you should still state your ‘Fran’ time with pride because – let’s be honest that s#$! hurts.

“You belong among the wildflowers

You belong in a boat out at sea

You belong with your love on your arm

You belong somewhere you feel free”

-Tom Petty


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