The Board Game of LIFE: RDN v2.0

Growing up, I LOVED playing the board game “The Game of LIFE”? I know I did. I enjoyed cruising in my little car, top down – wheels spinnin’ with my hot hubby at my side and my adorable kids in the back. Celebrating milestones along the Road of LIFE – go to college, get a job, make some money, retire in Florida –  basically carpe-ing the diem out of this s#$t. #winnerwinnerchickendinner

Wellllllll, “The Game of LIFE” you SUCK and have set me and everyone else up for failure. LIFE is not like the game and is so much more complex than just cruising with the top down, along the yellow brick road.

I recently played The RD Board Game with my fellow Dietetic Interns. I started thinking of the road I have taken to get to this point. (Let’s not talk about how I was unable to answer half of the questions correctly). The road has been smooth at times with many rocks and crevices along the way, stumbled over some douche canoes, all while crying, laughing, and smiling. Yet I wouldn’t change anything about the journey. As I get older, experience more, meet and learn to interact with others – I can’t not think about how amazing and grateful I am for the life I have and the journey I have been on (Let’s be honest not every day is rainbows and unicorns with princess crowns).


When the first mention of moving to Antelope Valley came, I was ecstatic, happy, and ready for change. Then when the time came, I became bitter, depressed, and just plain unhappy. I thought this isn’t how my journey is supposed to be. My Game of LIFE did not bring me to the windiest city in SoCal. Eventually these feelings changed, I grew older, and got over my sad self. I found CrossFit, I met people – most importantly I met MY people. (I talk a lot about MY PEOPLE – because they help me every day and they make life that much better). Creating connections with others is something we as humans strive for in life. A movie quote that has always stuck with me:

“‘We need a witness to our lives. There’s a billion people on the planet… I mean, what does anyone life really mean? ……You’re saying ‘Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it. Your life will not go un-witnessed because I will be your witness’.”

We wait for the day to say to someone “I like your crazy, and I think you like my crazy, soooo let’s be crazy together”. Yet this crazy witness doesn’t even need to be a significant other. I for one become so caught up in being ‘Single and Sufficient’. I have to constantly remind myself the current space I occupy on my board game of LIFE is ‘Single and Sufficient’. The board game of LIFE allows you to meet some pretty ah-mazing, awesome, crazy people along the way that become friends and eventually become a part of your FAMILY.

I never thought my journey would bring me to this Dietetic Internship. I took it out of my brain, told myself it’s not for me, I am not good enough, smart enough, just not enough. But now that I am in it I realize my whole path has set me up for this moment in LIFE. This Dietetic Internship has become the most intense part of my life, yet it will such a short part of my life. I have been at my Clinical Rotation since September, and I have learned so much about nutrition – calculating proper tube feeding recommendations, disease states, counseling patients, medical terminology/abbreviations – yet I have learned so much about myself. Each day I pick up the game piece of LIFE – I may move one step forward, maybe two. But then there are days that I have to move the piece back one. When I had to move my piece back one space I would think of what a failure I am. Yet I know I am not, it’s only a small bump in this LIFE board game of mine. One small bump teaches me to reassess and regroup, and do what I need to move that one space forward. My otter-half, as I call her, helped put into perspective how amazing this game of LIFE I am on. One morning after a night of crying because I questioned if I could even continue living this crazy hectic life, she told me,A concert piano has 24 strings – when tightened there is about 40,000 lbs. of pressure. But without that pressure the piano doesn’t play…so remember how beautiful God is making you through the stress and pressure…your life is playing beautifully.” I had to shift my doubts and pick up my game piece and moved one space forward and instantly had a melody play in the background (OKAYYYY not really but ya get my drift).  And when we allow ourselves to move one space forward and play that key on the piano that makes a soulful sound – we grow, learn, and live in that moment of beauty.

We as humans are in a continuous state of learning. We learn day to day how we overcome adversity, deal with stress, talk to others, learn to love others. I am continuing to learn every day. I have learned that the rocky, hard times in my LIFE Board Game have brought me here. Everyone’s board game is different, and unique. Just staring at that – YOU ARE HERE – flashing sign. I know I can’t ignore or hate this space, because I am meant for this point. I want to live in this moment. And I don’t want YOU to waste the time either, I guarantee that – YOU ARE HERE – sign will not go un-witnessed.

Remember, LIFE IS MESSY- a good, hot S’MORE mess that leaves you with marshmallow sticky fingers. And who doesn’t love a S’MORE?!?!?!



S/P (status post – droppin’ some medical terminology on you)


“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience” – ELEANOR ROOSEVELT

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty” – MAYA ANGELOU

“You’re a warrior, and your warrior name is Beyoncé Pad Thai” – MINDY KALING

 “You are a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox.” – LESLIE KNOPE

“Don’t let the BITCHES get ya’ down” – CHECKA MAE


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