Ding Dong: The CAKE of Nutrition.

What is Nutrition?


Nu·tri·tion | noun |

: the act or process of nourishing or being nourished; specifically: the sum of the processes by which an animal or plant takes in and utilizes food substances <foods that are necessary for human nutrition>

Do you eat Nutrition? NO.

Do you eat food? YES.  

So…what is Food?


\füd\ | noun |

: material consisting essentially of protein, carbohydrate, and fat used in the body of an organism to sustain growth, repair, and vital processes and to furnish energy; also : such food together with supplementary substances (such as minerals, vitamins, and condiments)

: something that nourishes, sustains, or supplies.


I have been asking myself as I come towards the end of my Dietetic Internship, what is it that I want to take away from the whole experience. Obviously a CAREER, duh. But how am I, going to add my expertise and knowledge to the field of Nutrition and Dietetics???? It is a question I keep asking myself, every day. So I decided to use my Blog to help answer that question.

I have learned over these past 8 months that food is a powerful and resonates with each person in a different way. Okay, let’s be honest I didn’t just learn this but I am definitely more aware of what food is capable of. Food can make us feel good, remind us of our favorite childhood memory, the perfect fix for a rainy day (it’s like Sleepless in Seattle in “Sunny” Southern California), bring family and friends together around the table, be romantic when with our loved one, and so many more good things. Yet, for every “ying” there is a “yang” or in the case of food – for every “ding” there is a “dong” (I love Ding Dongs). The food we eat can make us feel worse at times, eating too much sugar and fat can make us feel awful, can complicate diseases we already may have such as diabetes and obesity, and we eat to get rid of the pain or shame we feel. So many complex emotions that can come from eating a freakin’ Ding Dong.

I want to be on the side where I help with those emotions that come up when you want to eat that dang Ding Dong, and you begin to tell yourself lies. I want to remind you that you are more important than that lie you tell yourself that you don’t deserve the life you want or that “eating healthy” (whatever that means) is too much work and too expensive, you don’t want to die in Coconut Oil, and you don’t want to give up the Ding Dong, the soda, the fries, the whatever. What I want to do is help personalize what food means for you. Going back to the definition of food: consists of protein, carbs, and fat to help grow, sustain, and repair. The second definition also defines food as something that nourishes. Think of food as the vessel of nutrition. 

Let’s now create a formula for food:

(Pro * CHO * Fat) + (grow * sustain * repair * nourish) =

Making BETTER FOOD choices that will help you GET FIT and FEEL GOOD.

Not once in that formula does it say do a keto-crash diet for 30 days (eye roll), or a 6 week aggressive tillapia and asparagus diet where your pee smells 24/7 and once you think of smelling bread again you instantly gain 10 pounds (The Transformation Center probably pees gold that smells like asparagus). Now I am not saying I hate the Whole30 or 21 – Day Sugar Detox. Whole30 is very educational and teaches you how to eat food in it’s natural form and to pay attention to how body adapts to what foods we eat. And you don’t need organic to follow Whole30. Plus if you haven’t heard Whole Foods is going out of busnazzz. Hence, nobody eats organic as much as they say they do. And let’s be honest we all need to cut sugar from our diet.

But….what it does say is make BETTER choices of FOODs that will help me GET FIT and FEEL GOOD. I want to eliminate the confusion and complication when people ask well what do I eat. We 1) Pay attention to what foods we are eating and how our body feels 2) We then can make better choices of the foods we eat. As we change the foods we eat so does our taste buds and we begin to grow an aversion to the processed foods 3) We then start to feel better 4) We workout because we want to use our better food choices to GET FIT.

Yes, not everyday is going to be easy. And there will be days that you won’t want to eat that broccoli on your plate. Guess what?!?!? That is OK. Did you workout today? Yeah, awesome then don’t worry about that broccoli, is there another dark green vegetable you like? Would you be willing to eat that grilled chicken with a sweet potato? How about homemade chicken fajitas and use a flour tortilla to have a taco? I just gave you 2 meals – in – 1. You’re Welcome. 

I recently listened to Dr. John Berardi, Founder of Precision Nutrition (don’t knock the program –  it is actually pretty legit and probably does more good than an RD treating a non-compliant diabetic suffering from neuropathy) who was a guest speaker on Brute Strength Podcast. He had a quote that resonated with my current lifestyle.

“When you get in shape by a hard diet and a hard fitness regiment – the problem is it doesn’t translate when life gets hard and you can’t have perfect fitness and diet. You aren’t building the skill of being in shape when life happens – when the family is busy, when you have bills to pay, when your car doesn’t work, when your job requires extra time – when life happens.”

Podcast Link: http://brutestrengthtraining.com/podcast/perfecting-your-diet-ft-dr-john-berardi-of-precision-nutrition

John Berardi Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/john.berardi.page/

Precision Nutrition – www.precisionnutrition.com 

As a Registered Dietitian I want to help build the skill of when life happens and you don’t have a perfect fitness program or a perfect diet, how do you respond. If we use one of the fundamentals of CrossFit, that at the base of any movement is strength then at the base of being in shape is the skill to adapt and change as much as your circumstances do….when life happens. 

Not every individual is the same. No skill will be the same for every individual. Some people may want to always be Paleo or some may not. Some may like Whole30 and then splurge every 30 days. You may have the Vegetarians or the Pescatarians. Some may only want to follow Macros and want to know how to Fit-ness Whole Pizza In My Mouth. I want use Food and Fitness to help YOU PUT YOUR BEST FORK FORWARD and build the skill of being in shape through all aspects of life.

NOW with that being said let’s go eat some freakin’ Ding Dongs.


Put YOUR Best Fork Forward.

In other news, March is National Nutrition Month and to celebrate, I had intended to post a nutrition tip everyday, 31 tips to help Put YOUR Best Fork Forward. Welp. That soon became 20 then 15 and then became 12 super duper nutrition tips. Below is my Facebook link where you can go check out these awesome tips and some much more awesome content. ENJOY!

Facebook Link:

Beyoutifully Bulletproof



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